Act for Kids Academy is essential to keep kids safe across businesses, organisations and communities as a prevention method as childhood trauma can have lifelong health, social and behavioural consequences.

Research shows that different forms of abuse, neglect and stressors in the home, school, workplace and community are unfortunately common. These experiences often do not occur as single events, and the risk for long-term outcomes worsens as the number of adversities increase. These experiences can also increase the risk of multiple health problems throughout a person’s lifespan and hinder healthy brain development in children and young people.

It is crucial that families, communities, employers and educators involved in young people’s lives, engage with children and young people to tackle this problem head-on. By building a young person’s resilience at home, school and in the community (including in workplaces) early in their lives, we can better prepare them to handle past and future trauma and grow into healthy adults.


Child harm in Australia

  • In 2019-2020 there were more than 451,000 reports made to child protection authorities
  • In 2019-2020 alone, 47, 516 Australian children were abused or neglected
  • In Australia, there were 130 confirmed new cases of children abuse or neglect every single day
  • Every 11 minutes a child suffers abuse or neglect